Now entering its 15th year at the Dearborn & Wacker location, CRC55 is the audio post production studio staffed by Michael Coyle and Nealle DiPaolo. Here they create sound design and final mixes for TV and radio commercials produced by the best advertising agencies in the country.

Catch up on the latest news below or use the links in the sidebar to tour the studio, view our recent work, and learn more about Michael and Nealle.

Advocate wants you to get your heart checked ASAP!

prev_AdvocateStairs.jpgHY Connect brought a pair of their excellent Advocate Hospital commercials to CRC55 for sound design and mix. In addition, Nealle and Michael were also present at the music session at CRC's Studio 4.

Featured in the Video Gallery is "Steps" - the story of a winded gentleman rushing to a meeting. We foleyed many of the sound effects included the deep-chested wheezing (which was Michael after running a mile. Up a hill. With a cow on his shoulders).

Thanks to producer, Trevor Doherty, and CDs Don Nelson and Kevin Houlihan for continuing to bring such fine work our way.

Click the preview image to hear Michael wheezing.

Fifth Third Bank Helps to Fight Cancer

prev_FifthThirdColours.jpgThe good people at Fifth Third Bank ran a series of spots promoting their campaign to donate a percentage of each purchase to cancer research.

Featured in the Video Gallery is the 30 second version of "Solid Colours" (we also did a 60!).

The project was produced by Laurie Gustafson from Leo Burnett Company with the creative team of Eric Routenberg and Sarah Block.

To watch the spot, click on the preview image.

Broken Arm Makes Kid Envy of the Neighborhood.

Mom was worried when her son broke his arm, but in this Advocate Medical Center spot by HYConnect, they not only fix him all up, but increase his street-cred with his buddies!

The spot titled, "Cast" was one of several touching commercials that producer Steven Anderson brought to Michael Coyle for sound design and mix. They were joined at the session by VP/Creative Director, Don Nelson and Stefanie Lyons, also a Creative Director!

To watch the spot, click the preview image!

Reed Timmer Protecting Your Home for Allstate!

We've been fortunate to work with the Leo Burnett Company on a series of Allstate commercials featuring personalities from various HGTV and Discovery Channel shows.

Mike Holmes, Carter Oosterhouse, and many others have all made appearances in the "Good Life" series created by copywriter Regan Kline and his art directing buddy, Jason Tisser. Producing the project for Leo Burnett was SVP, Sean Pinney.

One of our favorites is "Storm Chaser" featuring Reed Timmer. Nothing says fun like a bunch of screaming kids in your spot! Click the preview image to watch the spot and visit our Video Gallery to see more recent work!

The Fantastical Devices of Invesco

For the past several years, Eric Routenberg and Sarah Block have created memorable, award winning campaigns for Invesco financial services - a difficult category!

Is this year's series, we learn about fantastical investment tools called Foresight Goggles, Hindsight Mirrors, and Kicking Myself Shoes!

Sound design and surround mix were performed by Michael Coyle. Managing the project from Leo Burnett was venerable producer, Sean Pinney.

To watch "Kicking Myself Shoes", click the preview image.

Keystone Light Beer Cans Sound Different!

The new radio campaign for Keystone light features the sounds of a beer being opened, poured and crushed! Keystone cans are lined with a thin film of plastic to protect the contents from a metallic taste, so they sound a little differnet than other beers.

This means when Dave Rice from the Leo Burnett Company brought the spots to Michael Coyle for sound design and mix, we had to drink a lot of Keystone to collect the necessary sound effects! Tough job!

For one spot, copywriter Jeremy Adams had the pleasure of working with Steve McKenzie and Chelcie Ross (who you may recognize as Conrad Hilton from Mad Men).

Click here to listen to the radio spot titled, "Traffic Jam". Click the picture to see a larger version.

The Windex Crows are at it again!

A Windex spot for their new Touch Up cleaner was produced by Addie Pampalone from Ogilvy & Mather. Returning are those two crazy crows (voiced by Wayne Powers and Jeff Pillars).

The creative duo of Jimmy Pardi (copywriter), and Ryan Stephens (art director) have our crows shaking their feathered tushes  to a dance track!

To watch the commercial click the preview image!

DNA Testing for Frosted Mini Wheats!

For the most recent Frosted Mini Wheats commercial, actors JD Cullum (Mini), Jeremy Schwartz (Crunchy) and Sayjal Joshi (Ms. Mini) recorded dialog for "Related".

Produced for Leo Burnett by Jason Passaniti, the creative team of Dan Lewis (CW) and Niki Condon (AD) were the brains behind this cute spot shows what happens when a long lost relative arrives at the front door!

Click the preview image to watch the commercial!

Corona Web Spots so Good They Were Upgraded for Broadcast!

Recently, Cramer-Krasselt producer, Tom Cronin, asked Michael Coyle to bid on a series of three Corona web spots featuring former coach and NFL commentator, John Gruden. Once they saw how great the spots were, Corona upgraded them for HD broadcast!

Copywriter Josh Mizrachi and his AD partner, David Levy, were the creative team present for the surround mix.

One of the three commercials, titled "Plan" is available for viewing in our Gallery, or just click the preview image.

Jenna Timmerman Wraps Up Film Mix

Writer/Director Andrew Dena brought his Master's Thesis film, Blackbird, to Jenna Timmerman for sound design and surround mix.

This is the fourth Dena film on which Jenna has worked, and it was by far the most complicated; requiring ADR sessions for several actors, all original sound design, and an immersive surround mix.

After a screening at Columbia College's Film Row Cinema, the short is awaiting acceptance in several film festivals across the country and abroad.

New DeVry University "Landscape" Campaign Features Cities

DeVry Chicago never looked so good in this new DeVry TV spot mixed by Michael Coyle.

The national campaign features several cities where the university has branches. The spots were produced by Anne Trout from Leo Burnett and our friends at Hootenanny (Jerem Sloan & Annelise Smith) handled the video edit.

Click the preview to view the spot, or visit the Video Gallery to see more of our work.

Go ahead. YOU call him "Tiny!"

Small Agency of the Year, commonground, recently mixed a series of Coors Light commercials featuring the ongoing battle to see who is colder: Ice Cube or Coors Light!

Producer Antonio Burnett visited CRC55 along with the creative team of Nate DeLeon, Nathan Wyse and CD Mike Williams.

The spots provided a lot of fun opportunities for sound design. To see the spot titled, "Tiny", click the preview image.

RAID! Let's blow up some bugs!

Having recently won the RAID account, EnergyBBDO producer Adina Birnbaum brought a spot by CRC55 for sound design and 5.1 mix. (Do we need to say 5.1 mix anymore? They're ALL surround mixes!)

Longtime copywriting buddy Rick Hamann and his AD partner, Kyle Everett, stopped by to mix the commercial titled, "Two-Faced".

There's really nothing more fun than putting explosions in a commercial, so if you want to hear the final mix, click the preview image!

Everest Featured in Corona Spot

The band Everest is featured in the newest commercial by Cramer-Krasselt for Corona. Producer Rob Jaeger brought the spot to CRC55 for sound design and surround mix.

The biggest challenge was making the studio recorded music track feel as if it was performed live in a small club and then on a Cancun beach.

Michael and Jenna are hoping for the next spot they get to record the background sound effects on location in the Caribbean!

To watch the commercial, click the preview image!

Yummy in a Jelly's Belly!

Froot Loops JellyLeo Burnett Co. produced another beautiful commercial for Froot Loops. "Jelly" takes us undersea to the lair of a Jellyfish with electrical problem.

The team of Andrea Friedrich (producer), Hootie Giangreco (writer) and Anthony Cozzolino (art director) visited CRC55 for sound design and the final mix.

Click the preview image to view the commercial and enjoy the beautiful animation - and the mix! Don't forget the audio mix!

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