Recent News: Nealle DiPaolo Joins Michael Coyle at CRC55!

Joining Michael at CRC55 is Nealle DiPaolo! Some of you may have already met Nealle during his recent internship, and now he joins the staff full time!

In 2011, Nealle was an "A" student in Michael's audio class at Columbia College. After interning it was clear he had a bright future. With Jenna's departure, Michael brought him onboard.

In addition to being a talented musician on several instruments, Nealle has already completed work on two independent films and has two more in the pipe! He's a great addition to the team.

Learn more about Nealle by reading his bio!

Recent News: Broken Arm Makes Kid Envy of the Neighborhood.

Mom was worried when her son broke his arm, but in this Advocate Medical Center spot by HYConnect, they not only fix him all up, but increase his street-cred with his buddies!

The spot titled, "Cast" was one of several touching commercials that producer Steven Anderson brought to Michael Coyle for sound design and mix. They were joined at the session by VP/Creative Director, Don Nelson and Stefanie Lyons, also a Creative Director!

To watch the spot, click the preview image!

Recent News: Jenna Timmerman Wraps Up Film Mix

Writer/Director Andrew Dena brought his Master's Thesis film, Blackbird, to Jenna Timmerman for sound design and surround mix.

This is the fourth Dena film on which Jenna has worked, and it was by far the most complicated; requiring ADR sessions for several actors, all original sound design, and an immersive surround mix.

After a screening at Columbia College's Film Row Cinema, the short is awaiting acceptance in several film festivals across the country and abroad.

Recent News: New DeVry University "Landscape" Campaign Features Cities

DeVry Chicago never looked so good in this new DeVry TV spot mixed by Michael Coyle.

The national campaign features several cities where the university has branches. The spots were produced by Anne Trout from Leo Burnett and our friends at Hootenanny (Jerem Sloan & Annelise Smith) handled the video edit.

Click the preview to view the spot, or visit the Video Gallery to see more of our work.

Recent News: Everest Featured in Corona Spot

The band Everest is featured in the newest commercial by Cramer-Krasselt for Corona. Producer Rob Jaeger brought the spot to CRC55 for sound design and surround mix.

The biggest challenge was making the studio recorded music track feel as if it was performed live in a small club and then on a Cancun beach.

Michael and Jenna are hoping for the next spot they get to record the background sound effects on location in the Caribbean!

To watch the commercial, click the preview image!

Recent News: Yummy in a Jelly's Belly!

Froot Loops JellyLeo Burnett Co. produced another beautiful commercial for Froot Loops. "Jelly" takes us undersea to the lair of a Jellyfish with electrical problem.

The team of Andrea Friedrich (producer), Hootie Giangreco (writer) and Anthony Cozzolino (art director) visited CRC55 for sound design and the final mix.

Click the preview image to view the commercial and enjoy the beautiful animation - and the mix! Don't forget the audio mix!

Recent News: "My other car is a 600-ton Ore Hauler"

Click to play spot.They call it "antifreeze", but it also prevents your engine from overheating. That's why if you drive a 600-ton ore hauler around Chicago, you'll want to make sure the radiator is filled to the cap with Peak.

Danielle Keenan from EnergyBBDO visited the studio with the creative team of Andrei Chahine and Ryan Stotts for this colossal Peak Antifreeze spot titled "Purchase".

Jenna Timmerman created the sound design and Michael Coyle completed the LKFS surround sound mix. It was a lot of fun working on this larger-than-life track. Click the preview image to watch the commercial.

Recent News: Working with Design Star Winner, Meg Caswell

Meg CaswellCongratulations to Meg Caswell, the winner of this season's HGTV Design Star!

Yeah, it's a little nerdy, but Jenna and Michael have been closely following the show over the last ten weeks. So imagine their enthusiasm when the non-disclosure form came though before a TOP SECRET session for HGTV last month.

They could barely contain their excitement when they learned Meg was not only the Design Star Season 6 winner, but that she would be using CRC55 to record additional dialog for her new series, HGTV's Great Rooms!

Just as Jenna and Michael had hoped, Meg is as out going and friendly as she was on Design Star!

Good luck with the new show Meg!

Recent News: Honey, the talking fridge made me do it!

Click to view commercial.What? Your fridge doesn't talk to you?

In the newest campaign for T.G.I. Friday's Frozen Dinners, a chatty freezer reminds our buddy that when you're looking for a meal, frozen doesn't need to mean boring!

Edited by Greg Sunmark from RedCar and mixed in surround by Michael Coyle, the funny fridge features the voice of Chicagoan Brian Stack.

Producing for Cramer-Krasselt, Peter Norman stopped by for the mix with copywriter Dan Catterson and his art directing partner Chad Verly.

You can view "Freezer Transformation" in our Gallery by clicking the preview image, and then visit Dan's Vimeo page to see the entire campaign (plus some TV for Porsche and Corona we also mixed!).

Recent News: Happy Holidays 2010

The blinking lights have been hung, the snow is on the ground, and that means it's time for another CRC Christmas Card video for you to enjoy!

CRC's music division, One Sun, recorded the track. Office intern, Nikki Llewellyn, sang the lead, and Grant Bussinger handled the animation.

Recent News: Need an Irish Rooster in Your Next Commercial?

Click the rooster Recently I was in Ireland with my sister for a week of vacation and to visit some family. We stayed at the home of our Uncle Frank, a retired Gentleman Farmer, who has a variety of fowl, the most entertaining of which is The Rooster.

His daily calls were so clear and cliche that I had to record him. Click the preview image to see him strut his stuff and crow!

It's a common misconception that a rooster's call is, "Cock-a-doodle-do!" when everyone knows what they really say is, "Michael-Coyle's-cool!"

Recent News: Attention: Step Away from the Cheese!

Bomb Squad PreviewThe newest Kraft Cheese commercial from McGarryBowen is a classic case of misdirection. As the Bomb Squad arrives at the park, helicopters fly overhead, and our hero in full protective gear slowly moves towards the mysterious container...

Michael Coyle's goal for the sound design was to lead viewers to believe they were watching a promo for Fringe or 24. Based on the comments he has received from friends and family - it worked! The surround sound mix was especially fun with park ambiance and circling copters moving around the room.

Produced by Stacy Miller with the creative team of Dave Reger and Michael Staznickas, the stereo version of "Bomb Squad" can be seen by clicking the preview image.

Recent News: Our Sound Effects don't just sound good, they look good too!

01-29-10_SFX.jpgSo many of the tools we use to create sound effects for commercials are beautifully crafted instruments or tools, so we've decided to put some on display in the voice over booth. 

In the future, we'll add to the collection as we find new items that not only sound great, but look great too.

We apologize in advance for any lost session time due to voice talent playing with our toys!

Recent News: Is that Toucan Sam's Mummy?

PreviewToucan Sam's adventures with his Nephews continue in the most recent Froot Loops commercial titled, "Raiders". 

Produced for Leo Burnett by Kimberly Cyrille and the creative team of Anthony Cozzolino and Christopher Giangreco, the spot has our heroes exploring a temple and getting chased by a mummy!

Of course, in the end they make a clean getaway and enjoy a wonderful 3 second breakfast. 

Michael handled the final mix and sound design. As usual, Pepper Films did a great job on the animation and CG effects, and our buddies at Ear Hole contributed music.

(Click the preview image to watch the spot.)

CoronaAlso new to the Video Gallery is a reboot of the classic Corona holiday commercial, "Tannenbaum".

Danielle Langevin from Cramer-Krasselt contacted Michael about recreating the audio track in 5.1 surround sound for the 2009 Holiday Season.

When the original elements arrived from storage, the ten year old mix was on a mono mag stripe! Working from scratch, Michael and Paul captured the essence of the original classic, but with all new surround sound goodness. The version in the Gallery is the stereo mix. Compared to the original on YouTube, we think it sounds great!

(Click the preview to watch the spot.)

Recent News: A Little Gift for You.

This year instead of sending Holiday cards, CRC employees Nikki Piazza and Mark Wilkening had a great idea to create a video instead! The shoot took several days culminating with the group photo one evening where all the employees enjoyed a good time. Checkout the video below - it's awesome!

Recent News: Where's all the chewing gum? Paul at Wrigley Field!

As part of the same project that featured Ozzie Guillen, Paul went to Wrigley Field today to record "Sweet Lou" Piniella, manager of the Chicago Cubs. 

While Ozzie and Lou probably go together in person about as well as water and oil, we had the privilege of "mixing" them together in a commercial (which shall still remain nameless because it has yet to air). 

I think that's about all the celebrity interactions we can handle for this week, plus we've run out of MLB ballparks to record in around Chicago. And, no, that's not a picture of Lou. Sadly we couldn't grab him for a photo op, he's faster than he appears.

Recent News: "Shades of Grey" Feature Mixed by Grajek

03-23-09_Shades_of_Grey.jpgAt the turn of the year, Paul Grajek  completed a full sound mix for the latest feature film from independent filmmaker Jakob Bilinski titled “Shade of Grey”.

In "Shades of Grey", one hotel room is the stage through the years for the complex, interconnected dramas of many people’s lives.

For the 80 minute film, Paul wrangled everything from dense scenes of dialogue to moments of horror and heartbreak using sound design to enhance this vivid story. 

“Shade of Grey” was recently reviewed by Synergy Magazine and is making its way through the festival circuit this summer! A trailer for the film can be found on the Cinephreak website.



Recent News: Our Interns Can Kick Your Intern's Ass

Click for larger image.Not to brag, but we get the best interns here at CRC55. Many of them have gone on to greatness and we're willing to take all the credit for it.

During a recent semester, interns Jeff Cobi and Jenna Timmerman built a large folding baffle for the studio. It's something Michael has always dreamed of having.

Here's why. Imagine a session where two voiceovers are recorded at the same time, a husband and wife. The script calls for hubby to be in the basement yelling upstairs to his lovely wife. When hubby yells, there is a lot of leakage into the wife's microphone. This could mean more work for your engineer, and cause serious problems if the dialog overlaps.

With the new baffle placed strategically between hubby and wife, the problem is greatly minimized.

Any old baffle would have done the job, but Jenna and Jeff build something really beautiful with black stained wood and brushed aluminum hardware. It will last for decades.

Recent News: Great Soul Concerts Now in Surround Sound

chi.jpgThe tireless Paul Grajek has been working steadily over the past few months on an audio mixing project for the company Soul Concerts. He's been taking live concert audio and mixing it in 5.1 surround sound format for DVD release of performances by well-known Soul artists throughout the country (The Delfonics, Slave, The Chi-lites, The Dells, etc.).

Paul has been coordinating with Soul Concerts producer Darryl Payne in order to get more versatile audio elements for future mixes, as these concerts are newly recorded throughout the year. He has completed more than a dozen of these concert mixes so far and will hopefully continue this work in the coming months. But most importantly, Paul also enjoys rocking out to the sounds of Soul...

Recent News: Lisa Prepping for World Tour

03-07-08_GoodbyeLisa.jpgWhy is Michael so sad in this image? Because Lisa Wilson is leaving him!

After two years at CRC55, Lisa is taking some time off to prepare for a trip around the world!

She has been building up some good Karma on and now it's time to cash in.

Current plans call for a trek to the west coast to visit friends before heading to Tokyo and further points on the globe.

Lisa plans to maintain a blog of her adventure, so stop back in a few months for a  link.

In the meantime, Michael is sorting through dozens of resumes trying to fill her (figuratively) big shoes!

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